Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Puppy Development, Behavior Modification, Protection/Security, Detection,  Tracking/Trailing, Good Canine Citizen Preparation, Sport Dogs, Agility, Professional K9 Services, Off Leash Control


  • 30 minute In-Home dog assessment
  • At the end of the consultation you will be provided a customized training agenda.
  • (For customers who sign up for a package at consultation, the fee is waived).*


  • If you would like to pay as you go, single lessons are for you! Each lesson will follow the curriculum discussed at the initial consultation.


  • 3 private  in-home lessons


  • 6 private lessons in-home lessons


  • 12 private in-home lessons
  • The 12-Pack is ideal for long-term goals and ensures your dog’s focus and direction maintains throughout your relationship

$2100 (2 Weeks)

  • The Board-to-Train program allows your dog to excel rapidly by living in the trainer’s home for 2 weeks
  • The intensive training program  covers Basic Obedience, Leash Training, Off-Leash Control, Behavior Modification and Socialization
  • Pack structure and Indoor/Outdoor Manners are all integrated into the Board-To-Train program

$100 (4 Classes)

  • Whether you are looking to socialize your puppy or are trying to work out a few of your dog’s behavioral issues, sign up for a Group Class.
  • All levels of training are offered
  • Each class will be given a meeting place and will run a minimum  of 1 hour (based on the size of class)


  • 1 hr long Walk/Adventure/Playtime


  • 24 hrs, In-Home Dog Boarding
  • Your dog will enjoy over an acre to run in and many nearby beaches and trails to explore
  • Dogs enrolled or previously enrolled in a Coastal Canine training program  continue their education while boarding
  • Pick-up/Drop-off included
  • Limit: 2 dogs per stay


  • Coastal Canine offers a wide variety of Professional K9 Services.  Through Coastal Canine’s extensive background and global K9 network, any demand can be met. Offering but not limited to: Bed Bug Detection, Narcotic Detection, Explosives Detection,  Animal Tracking, Tracking & Trailing Services, and Protection.
    If you or your association is in the market for a Working K9 or Hunting or Sport Dog, Coastal Canine offers K9 Placement & Selection Services to help you though the process.